1: Blake and Anette kiss on the couch of her apartment.

2: Her hand on his crotch.
Anette: Aw… now where’s my big strong cat?
Blake: Mrf… sorry, just… tired I guess…

3: Anette looks concerned while Blake averts his gaze. To the right is a wall scroll painted with flowers; to the left a painting of water under a bridge, through which the dark shadow of a rabbit wades.
Anette: You okay, hon? It’s like you haven’t been feeling it for a while.
Blake: I… dunno. It’s not you, I just… eh… I don’t know.

4: Anette smirks.
Anette: Maybe we should spice things up.
Blake: Oh gods.
Anette: I’ve got an idea.
Blake: Your ideas worry me.