1: With Eli and Wilson in the foreground, we see a fireworks display across distant city buildings.
Narration (Blake’s font): Life has its ups and downs, as always, but generally, things are good now. People are healing and growing.

2: Annette walks outside through an open screen door, smiling over her shoulder with a drink in her hand.
Annette: Don’t take too long, big cat!

3: Blake’s hand is stirring at a colorful mixed drink.
Blake: I won’t!

4: Eli, Wilson, and Annette stand on the porch of their small house, lit by colors. Blake lurks behind them in the doorway, eyes vacant.
Narration: It’s good to have everyone in one place…

5: Their shadows are cast on the ground, showing their silhouettes. Blake is see alone inside, lurking in the threshold – his shadow is in the shape of Jesse.

Narration (Jesse’s font): …Where I can keep an eye on them.