Blake & Wilson is a comic normally exclusive to The Cushy Pen, a paysite dedicated to ABDL (that’s Adult Baby + Diaper Lover) art. The pages you see on this site are past their one-year posting anniversary, which means I can show the world. It’s first page was released in October of 2012, which means the art style has gone through a lot of drastic changes since it started.

Discretely set in the same universe as Order of the Black Dog, B&W follows the exploits of Blake, a somewhat straight laced straight cat guy, as he moves in and lives with his gay diaper-dependent friend, Wilson. It then goes into some real weird places because I’m apparently never satisfied keeping things simple.

By the way, my name is Rebecca Raptor, previously known as Immelmann, who you may know as the author of Concession – or maybe you know some of the weird-ass porn I post on FurAffinity.