1: In the bathroom, Wilson is pushed down on his knees, on a towel. He’s in only his wet diaper, and is blushing mad, though smirking slightly.


2: Eli stands looming above him, cock in hand.

Eli: What are you, boy?

Wilson: Do… Do I hafta-

Eli: What are you?

Wilson: Lord Eli’s personal urinal!
Eli: What do you do?
Wilson: I serve Lord Eli’s perfect cock!


3: Wilson’s face as Eli’s cock approaches.

Eli: Then drink.

Wilson: I… I uh…


4: Soft long cock is forced into his maw.

Wilson: Mmf..!


5: Wilson winces with wide eyes as Eli lets loose, and there’s the hint of spillage.


6: A zoomed out shot of Eli using Wilson.

Eli: That’s what I thought…


Hover text: You said you’d get me breakfast and this does NOT count :/