1: Anette is tying Blake’s wrists in her bed. He’s flustered and nervous.
Anette: Just relax, hon… You trust me, you’re safe here.
Blake: Hff… I know…

2: Blake’s hands tug at ropes.
Anette: Safe, but I’ve got you trapped here, kitten. All mine.

3: From Blake’s perspective, Anette is seen dressed in lingerie and caressing the hard tent in the cat’s boxers.
Anette: See? You’re feeling better already.

4: Her hands hold a cloth up to gag Blake.
Anette: Would this be too much?
Blake: …N…no.

5: Blake is gagged with a brown cloth.
Blake: Mmmng…

6: He bucks his hips up.
A: Oooh, excited kitty…