1: Wilson is on his knees, grinding diaper into a pillow.

Wilson: Hff   nnggg

Eli txt: Surprised you can even get so hard, lil cub

Wilson: Guh…


2: Closeup of Eli stroking their stiffness.

Eli txt: Lets see what you have under there, lil guy


3: Wilson’s diaper is open and he is showing off his erection.

Eli txt: look at that soft little baby dick, how cute

Lets see if it still works


4: Wilson strokes himself.

Eli: Faster
Good boy…


5: Wilson clutching the sheets, panting.

Eli: Stop
Wilson: Nnng…


6: Farther shot of Eli at their computer, watching.

Wilson: Nnf, please, please let me…

Eli: please what?

Wilson: Please… sir? Ma’am?

Eli: lets try “Please Lord Eli”
Wilson: God… uh…

P-please Lord Eli, let me finish…

Eli: Good boy…


Hover text: You can kinda tell that at some point I realized, “oh wait, I can draw DICKS in this comic”