1: Wilson waits outside a movie theater, looking at his phone.


Caption: The next weekend…

2: Eli approaches., dressed well in a dark skirt and purple corsette.

Wilson: There you are! It’s starting soon!

Eli: Hello to you too, kiddo.

Wilson: Not… hngf. I mean, hiiiii.


3: The two walk together.

Eli: All padded up for the movie, lil guy? No bathroom breaks for you?

Wilson: No bathroom breaks for me…

Eli: Atta boy.


4: In a tray in Wilson’s lap there is a large tub of popcorn and two drinks.


5: Wilson and Eli sit close and talk.

Wilson: Should have jooooined me for padded moooovies.

Eli: You just want to see me in one of those.

Wilson: I can dream!
Eli: Maybe if you’re really good.


Hover text: yes doms love being talked into wearing diapers too works every time