1: A view of a chat log.

Caption: One week later

Eli: Well I’d love to see and I know you want to show.

Wilson: I… hff
Its late so i really should sleep
Eli: You should be good. Don’t you want to be a good boy for me?

Wilson: hfh fnfnfnngg

f fine


2: Wilson setting up his webcam, he’s on his bed.

Eli: Theres my special little guy

Shirt off please


3: Wilson is sitting in only his diaper, blushing, diaper tented.

Eli: Good boy


4: A view of Eli at their computer, barely clothed and fully aroused. They lean on one hand, the other holding a bright blue drink.


Hover text: Wait they’re drinking AGAIN? Ya know, as I go over this comic a long time after writing it, I’m taken aback by how much these characters just casually drink. This is actually really sad, to be honest