1: Wilson and the mouse sit at a hotel bar while the bartender, a deer, mixes them drinks.

Eli: Nothing quite like drinking in the middle of the day to really tell you you’re at a con.


2: The two sit close, speaking, smiling.

Wilson: Um… geeze, I’m sorry, you didn’t already tell me your name, did you?

Eli: Haha, it’s Eli.

Wilson: Eli. Right!

How should I… I don’t want to use the wrong pronouns here.

Eli: They, them, are fine.

Wilson: Cool, okay.


3: Their drinks on the bar table. Wilson’s seems to be a chocolate milk based drinks; Eli’s is an orange tropical tea.

Wilson: You don’t really seem the type to hang around with weirdos like us. 

Eli: You’re saying I don’t look like a weirdo? How dare you.

Wilson: I’m saying you look like an entirely different type of weirdo.


3: Eli smirks as they speak.

Eli: I’m into lots of things. Not so much in wearing what I’m sure you love to wear… but I have a lot of submissive friends here. All you little guys are very fun to push around and tell what to do.


4: Wilson furrows his brow and looks away.

Wilson: Hah… hah, uh… Yeah, I bet.


Hover text: y’all better tip