1: The screen shows Wilson controlling some sort of robotic dinosaur, running and shooting.

Wilson: How’d you even find this?

Eli: Had a friend who ran an old arcade. It shut down, they tried to throw this out.


2: The mouse watches Wilson play. Wilson is smiling wide.

Eli: We actually weren’t allowed to take it. Some weird company policy, it woulda been theft.

So… we just rented a truck and drove there at night, fished it out of the dumpster.

Wilson: Haha, wow!

Eli: We were kids, that wasn’t cheap.


3: Wilson stares at the screen as he plays.

Wilson: My step-dad had one of these. Original cabinet, just like this. Use to play it in his garage. This really takes me back.

Eli: Isn’t “taking you back” the point of a meet-up like this?

Wilson: …Hah! Geeze. Look at me, showing up to a fetish con and playing video games instead.


4: Wilson has glanced over at Eli, the mouse, taking in their slender form.


5: Wilson is blushing as he finally has a good view of the tall, androgynous mouse.

Wilson: A…anyways, thanks um… for letting me try it.


Hover text: check out the polygon count on THAT one