1: Blake sleeps peacefully in his bed.


2: His eyes open as he hears hiccuping from beside him.

Wilson: *hic*


3: He sighs.

Blake: *sigh*


4: A drunk Wilson has cuddled up to Blake’s back.

Wilson: *hic*

Blake: Wilson.

Wilson: Mmnngg Blakey. *hic*

Blake: Are you drunk?

Wilson: Uh huh…

Blake: Since when do you drink alone in the middle of the night? What’s wrong with you?


5: Blake puts his hand to his face.

Wilson: I *hic* miss Jesse.

Blake: Jesse was a monster.

Wilson: I know. But he was also a really god dom.

He’d *hic* push me around and *hic* tell me what to do and make me feel all small.

*hic* No one else does that for me.


6: Wilson quickly falls asleep.

Wilson: Zzzzz.


7: One eye shut, Blake stares into the distance.

Blake: Life sure would be easier if I were a gay diaper fetishist. 


Hover text: drinking alone in the middle of the night is MY signature move