1: A shiny blue-and-black collar sits in Wilson’s outstretched hand.

Dan: What’s this?
Wilson: It’s a new collar. We’re going to replace the one Jesse made you wear.

We’re going to keep pushing him further and further out of your head. He doesn’t control or own you any more.


2: Wilson stands behind Dan and fixes the collar around his neck.

Dan: But you do?

Wilson: Well, not quite. But I want you to associate all these new urges with someone you know you can trust. You trust me, right?

Dan: Yeah… I guess I do.


3: Dan smiles over his shoulder, blushing.

Dan: Thanks.


4: Dan is a now asleep on the couch beneath a blanket. Wilson peeks in on him from the kitchen.


5: Turning around, Wilson sighs and looks down, rubbing his arm.


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