1: A frilled lizard is seen smiling in a webcam. In a smaller image, we see a view of Wilson.

Xav: C’mooon. You haven’t been to the local meet in ages!

Wilson: I’ve been busy!

Xav: You’ve been in a rut.

Wilson: I’ll rut you.


2: Wilson takes up the screen now, seen on Xav’s computer. In his smaller view, Xav is seen perking up in excitement. 

Xav: Come get out of the house and be a pervert with us. We miss you.

Wilson: Alright. Maybe. I’ll let you know, okay?

Xav: Atta boooyyy. I knew you missed me too much to stay away.


3: Wilson looks away from the screen as he cracks open a can of soda. He’s seated in his computer chair wearing a diaper, of course.

Wilson: Missed you? I can’t seem to get away from you.

Xav: Oh, you’ll take any excuse to see my pretty face.

Wilson: You’re such a cam whore.


4: Wilson’s computer shows Cav tugging her skirt down, revealing a cloth diaper that peeks out from her pale blue one-piece outfit. Wilson is blushing.

Xav: Would a cam whore do thiiiiis?

Wilson: Oh, put that away…

Xav: Uh oh, you’re blushiiiing.


Hover text: showing a terrifying alternate future where people still have computers and not just phones/tablets