1: Wilson, shirtless and in only a diaper, is in his room on tablet, chatting with Dan.


2: A view of his tablet and the chat:

Wilson: *hugs so tight!* i missed yoooouuu

Dan: Missed you too, buddy

Still got the place to youreslf?

Wilson: uh huh.

anettes helping blake recover still but i think he’ll be back next weekend

Dan: Cool, cool

Dan: How’s he doing?

Wilson: seems fine! says hes getting better real fast

Dan: Ah, good for him

Wilson: what about you? you ok?


2: Flashback to Dan laying in bed, completely zoned out, wearing only his diaper. The shadowy hypno-rabbit whispers in his ear soothingly.


3: Close-up of chatroom IM.

Dan: I’ve been… struggling


Hover text: Echoes.