1: Dan at Wilson’s open door.

Wilson: It’s Daaaan from the internet.

Dan: Wow, you have pants on! Trying to impress me?


2: Wilson grabs Dan into a hug.

Wilson: Aw, c’mere buddyyy.

Dan: Ahahah, ah, it’s good to see you too, uh-


3: He’s dragged through the door.

Dan: Hrk-!


4: Wider shot of the living room.

Dan: Been having fun without Blake around?

Wilson: Oh, you know, just mostly relaxing and enjoying the privacy.


5: Wilson in Blake’s clothes, in a flashback.

Wilson: Look at me, I’m Blake, I’m so straight laced and excitable! Wilson, stop peeing on the couch right now!

I can’t wait to get home from my day job and have sex with my girlfriend, whom I love!


6: Wilson blushes.

Wilson: …heh


7: He looks away from the mirror.

Wilson: Not sure why this is turning me on. Let’s never do this again.


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