1: Anette strips herself of her shirt, braless beneath. She’d need a shirt with buttons due to those antlers.

Blake: Mmf…


2: She leans down close, caressing Blake’s cheek, and the cat is looking away.

Blake: I… I don’t know hon, I…

Anette: Aw, I know you’re embarrassed, dear… but you’re getting better and soon you’ll be okay. So, let’s make the best of it.


3: Close-up of their hips. Anette is grinding down, a hand squeezing at the soft padding around Blake’s butt.


4: A more far away shot to show the topless Anette riding her cat boy

Anette: That’s it honey… You’ll be a big strong kitty again, but for now, it’s okay to just relax…


Hover text: yeah that won’t chafe at all, this is fine