1: Blake is on the ground naked, looking grumpy.

Anette: Now, hon, I know it’s not your fault, and I know you’re trying to get over what that freak bunny did to you.

But until you recover, and as long as you’re staying in my apartment, you’ll wear these. I can’t have you staining my carpets.


2: From Blake’s view, we see Anette pull out a larger diaper than before.

Blake: Whoa, wait, where’d those come from?

Anette: A little donation from Wilson.

Blake: C’mon hon, that’s a bit much…

Anette: Hey, my apartment, my rules.


3: Blake’s expression is very embarrassed and averting his gaze as he is taped up off camera.


4: He looks down and up, even more embarrassed, as he is cast in shadow.


5: Anette is laying atop him. The cat is padded, and the deer is pressing her hips down on the diaper.

Anette: So be a good kitty for me, hon, or I’ll add rules you’ll hate…


Hover text: …sexy rules?