1: Anette comes in through her front door.

AnettEli: I’m hoooome! Blake? Where you at, big cat?


2: Blake is looking frazzled in the laundry room as, pantsless, he is scrubbing the cushin of the couch.


3: Anette pokes her head in the door, and Blake jumps some.

AnettEli: There you are.

Blake: Anette! You’re home!


4: Anette’s face seems mystified as Blake tries to explain.

Blake: I, um, I spilled something on the couch, so I have to give it a good wash, and it got on my pants so those are in the wash too! It was… soda and definitely not… anything else that could have come from me or any living being, and…


5: Anette smiles wide.

Blake: What’s that look for? Stop that. You’re worrying me.


Hover text: I’ve seen that face before and it’s ALWAYS BAD NEWS