1: Dan is being spoon-fed something.

Wilson: Lesson three is about nutrition! We have a special formula of carbs and vitamins to keep you energized during your gaming sessions!

Jesse: You’ll want a careta– uh, I mean, an assistant to feed you to make sure you focus on the game.


2: Dan has a baby bottle forced to his mouth. He’s looking a bit frustrated.

Wilson: We also have a special energy drink. You don’t want to get it in you too fast, so you’ll want to use our special portion-control fluid injector.


3: Dan calms down when they put a paci in his mouth.

Jesse: And finally, as you’ll be so excited with your game, you’ll want to prevent any accidental tongue biting or teeth chattering with our special dental restrictor.


4: The fully actualized diapered Dan is focused on his game.

Wilson: Perfect! You look like a pro already!

Dan: Thanks guys!

Jesse: No, no, thank you.


Hover text: God we’re good at this. We should become e-sport coaches.