1: Blake sits alone on the couch, looking more casual than usual, a bottle of alcohol with him.

Caption: Wilson’s away at a gaming convention, so I’ve had the apartment all to myself the whole weekend.

*knock knock knock*


2: Blake is signing for a package.


3: The package opens, and there is a note. The package is full of super thick diapers.

Blake: The hell?


This is not a bill.

(1): 12-pack Medium Adult Diapers

Special Notes:
Blake, I had to borrow your card to buy these, sorry! I’ll pay you back when I’m back.

Blake: Dammit, this better not put me on some weird mailing list.


4: Blake is holding up one of the diapers, looking obviously drunk.

Blake: Hard to believe he walks around in these all day…


5: Blake has shifty eyes.

Blake: …Hm.


Hover text:  yes, good… give in to your temptation…