1: Jesse and Wilson are prodding and pulling at Dan’s outfit.

Wilson: Lesson two! Your clothing must be optimized to allow you to game at maximum efficiency!


2: Shot of Dan’s bare arm extended from the top of a black and purple dress.

Wilson: Your arms must be clear of all cloth to take full advantage of your dexterity.


3: Shot of Dan’s diapered butt.

Jesse: And your diaper must be clear so that it can quickly be changed without wasting any time.


4: Dan’s hair is pulled into pigtails.

Wilson: Finally, your hair must be clear from your face to prevent any distractions!


5: Dan’s full body.

Dan: Uh… hardcore, I guess… What’s with the socks?

Wilson: Um… well… don’t want cold paws, do we?


Hover text: The Twitch crowd will love this one.