1: Wilson, Jesse, and the Dan from the Internet are sitting, gaming, in the convention center.

Dan: Damn, Wilson, you got good at this game fast. What’s your secret?

Wilson: My friend, you need to subscribe to Wilson’s School of Hardcore Gaming!

Jesse: To the hotel room! Let us reveal to you our ways!


2: In their hotel room, the two have Dan on the bed in a diaper, blushing madly.

Wilson: Lesson one! Hardcore gamers have no time to waste! They must be focused on learning their craft with no distractions!

Dan: Uh, I dunno about this…

Jesse: Relax, all the pros do this during their training. You can’t afford the time to get up and go to the bathroom.

Dan: I guess that makes sense.


3: Jesse is pointing a camera at Dan.

Dan: What’s with the camera?

Jesse: We’re recording your progress so you’ll be able to appreciate what a pro you’ve become once our school is complete.

Dan: Oh, cool.


4: Jesse and Wilson are grinning and snickering as they look at the photo in the camera.


Hover text: Works every time.