1: Eli, Dan, and Wilson sit around a table on which a complicated boardgame is set up.
Rolling two 6s while on the gold road means, when you return to the normal circuit, you move… counter-clockwise? Until your movement tokens match the… number of bonus cards in your… right-hand opponent’s deck.
The death clock counter increases by one every number of rounds equal to the number of players, plus one…? This number is decreased by one for every hourglass card in play, unless the number of hourglass cards is equal or greater to… the number of players…

2: Dan and Eli look at each other in confusion.
Wilson: At the end every second phase, all cards must be placed in… reverse chronological order, with all cards to be distributed to each player clockwise, unless any player is in the… black road, in which case…

3: The two snicker and giggle.
Wilson off screen: Something funny, you two?

4: Dan wags his tail rapidly.
Eli: Just amused at what a dumb puppy Dan is.
Dan: Nuh uh!