1: A full page illustration of the chained up Blake, lit by the glow of the flashing TV. His eyes are empty as the device works on him, and Jesse is kneeling beside him, whispering in his ear.

Jesse: Now, that’s much better…

Let all your thoughts grow dim and quiet, and let my words slip in deep…

Let each image on the screen sink in, soaking into your soft mind…

No thinking, no speaking, just peaceful and empty so I can fill your quiet head.

No desire to fight… to speak or think… Because you’re so peaceful and happy like this. Happy and safe. Safe and blank. 

Safe knowing that you don’t have to think, you just have to listen… just have to let my words fill your head… Your mind empty and soft, my thoughts warm and safe.

My voice is all there is. There is nothing else in your mind but me. My voice as law. My voice as your thoughts. All other voices dulled to nothing.

All thoughts quiet.

All muscles relaxed.

Every part of you so calm and so relaxed, so empty… filled with my thoughts.

My words.

My control.