1: Jesse is fiddling with a device.

Jesse: Blakey, say “hi” to Danny, your new brother…


2: Blake sees Dan, looking vacant and brainwashed, dress like a cub and in a play pen. He’s playing with blocks.

Jesse: Like you, he needed to be shown what a lil sissy he really was inside… But don’t worry, I’m going to teach you!


3: Jesse is plugging a wire into the device on Blake’s head.

Jesse: Scientists are pretty good nowadays at figuring out what parts of the brain hold which function. They can monitor them, stimulate them…


4: Jesse’s face as he speaks and shows off the controller for the device.

Jesse: …or disable them. A few specific waves shot at the right area can disable motor function, higher reasoning, emotional response… Very useful in covert brainwashing espionage…


Hover text: why do you HAVE this thing