1: Wilson and Jesse talk.

Wilson: I just can’t really picture Blake being into anything weird at all. I think he just likes me, is all.

Jesse: Oh, come on now. I bet he just wants something he can comfortably let loose his sick, depraved self on.

Wilson: Sick and depraved? What do you think he’s into?


2: A blushing Blake in a frilly dress.

Jesse: Maybe he’s a crossdresser!

Wilson: Why would he he hide that? Lots of people do that in public these days.

Jesse: Just fun to imagine.


3: Blake on all fours in front of a cat dish.

Jesse: Maybe he’s really into petplay.

Wilson: Nah, he says catnip gives him a headache.


4: Blake clad in rubber stuff.

Jesse: Think he’s a latex freak?

Wilson: He’s too proud of his soft fur to let it get all matted up in a rubber suit.


5: A mostly naked Blake with multiple piercings and tattoos.

Jesse: Maybe he’s a slut for piercings and body mods!

Wilson: He yelps like a kitten if you so much as pinch him, I don’t see him getting around needles.


6: A smooth-shaven Blake.

Jesse: Ooh, maybe he’s really into shaving!

Wilson: Nah, he already complains about me clogging the drains when I trim.


7: Blake dressed up as a dinosaur.

Jesse: Tehehe, maybe he really likes to dress up in costume!

Wilson: Now you’re just making things up.


Hover text: Suggest something normal, like humping pooltoys or something.

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