1: Blake collapses back into his bed.


2: Blake turns to see Jesse laying beside him, smoking a carrot.

Jesse: What’s up doc?

Blake: Jesse. Can I help you?


3: Jesse rolls on his side to face Blake/the camera.

Jesse: Something’s been buggin’ me about you, kitty.

Blake: Is it the secret to my suave good looks?

Jesse: Why did you get an apartment with Wilson?

Blake: Well, I figured if he was ever late on rent, I could just sell him to the circus.


4: An above shot of the two in bed.

Jesse: Who, besides another diaper lover, would move in with someone who has to wear them 24/7?

Blake: Someone with a masochistic sense of humor?

Jesse: Either you’re secretly into them…

Blake: You caught me. Now go away

Jesse: …or you, too, have a side of you too perverse to allow you to live with anyone else.


5: A shot of Blake’s tired face.

Blake: I’ll wake up from this nightmare at any moment, I just know it.


Hover text: Where’s Freddy when you need him