1: Jesse and Blake face each other, outdoors.
Jesse: Fine by me, I was hoping we could talk alone for a while.
This place has a shitty little bar, can I buy you a drink?
Blake: No. I’m good.

2: They settle down on a nearby bench.
Blake: So how’d you get out, anyways?
Jesse: I mind fucked every attendant and employee I could and walked out, obviously.
These places are so under funded…

3: Blake is looking to Jesse.
Blake: So… what, you broke out and your top priority was to mess up Wilson again and drag him here on some kink date?
Don’t you have, like, a family? Friends? A houseplant?

4: Jesse, sat, is looking smug.
Jesse: I’ve got a family. I’ve got Wilson. I’ve got my puppy, who I’ll be coming for next…
And I’ve got you, kitten.

5: Blake looks wide-eyed as, behind him, Jesse’s shadow looms.