1: Jesse is leaning against a wall, waiting for the two as they approach.
Eli: Is that… him? He’s right there in public?
Blake: Just try to keep calm, Eli. I’ve got this.

2: Jesse is calm, eyes confidently shut as the other two approach. Eli’s fists are clenched in anger.
Jesse: Hey boys, lose something?
Blake: Jesse, I–
Eli: Where is he??

3: Jesse holds up the room key.
Jesse: Room 202. You can go say hi, if you want.

4: Eli looks angry, Blake is mostly calm.
Blake: No, let’s just stay out here, calmly talk this out–

5: Eli snatches the key.

6: Eli is running up a set of stairs. Jesse shouts back after them.
Jesse: Not gonna do you any good, mouse-boy!
He’s too far gone!