1: Morning sun shines into Blake’s bedroom. He’s under covers, reaching out to grab his beeping phone.

2: He has a message from Wilson:
Wilson: hey dude sorry i’m still out with your car the move didn’t go as planned
do you think you could grab eli tell him we need you both here to help plz

3: Blake sits up, befuddled, contemplating the message. There are close-ups of the screen showing:
“eli -> him”???
Blake: That’s not how Wilson talks…

4: Eli is now seen in their bed, stirring.

5: Eli holds their phone to their ear, smiling sleepy.
Eli: Hello…?
Blake: Uh, hey Eli, sorry to call you so early.
Eli: Just need an excuse to talk to me while I’m naked in bed?
Blake: Ugh, you and Wilson never turn off, do you…