1: A motel sign.
2: Jesse is sorting through a dufflebag of clothes and possessions. Wilson stands near the door nervously.
Wilson: Um… S… So I got you here, I think you can…
Take care of the rest yourself, and I should get back home…

3: Jesse sweeps in close, grabbing him by his shirt collar.
Jesse: No, dear, you’re staying with me.
Wilson: I—
Jesse: You want to be good, right?

4: Wilson is going under, barely able to stand or keep his eyes open.
Jesse: I know there’s a loyal kitty in you who wants to stay here…
Wilson: hhhh hh hy y yes
Jesse: And I know it’s easier to listen to that little voice telling you to stay, to help me.
W: m mmgmhmm…

5: Jesse holds Wilson down, the world dark and blurry.
Jesse: Been too long. I’ll remind my loyal kitty where he belongs.
How docile he is.
How loyal and obedient…