1: Xav is dragging Wilson along by the wrist, tugging him towards a blue-haired hyena.

Xav: Look who I brought!

Miro: Wilson! I haven’t seen you in forever!

Wilson: Miro! I see you got a head start with the drinking…


2: Miro presses close to Wilson’s cheek.

Miro: I’m sloshed, or *hic* sloshing, if you know what I’m sayin…

Wilson: Wooowww….


3: A scowling Xav drags Miro away by the shoulders.

Xav: Miro, let’s get you sitting somewhere else. Wilson, go… mingle or something!

Wilson: Right…


4: Wilson stairs at a group of shadowy figures with lables like “stranger” “friend of a friend” and “met once last year”

Wilson: …mingle.


Hover text: A realistic con attending experience