1: Blake, dressed slightly fancier than usual, has taken a deer woman – Anette – to the apartment and is opening the front door.

Caption: A week or two ago, I asked out someone from work. Things have been going well, and after a lovely night out, I invited her to my apartment, knowing that Wilson would be gone until the next night.


2: The door opens to find Wilson on the couch, in only his diaper, eating from a tub of ice cream.

Blake: Wilson! I thought you were spending the night at Jesse’s!

Wilson: He was called into work, some emergency.


3: Blake is freaking out to the deer.

Blake: Oh god oh god, I’m sorry I didn’t mean for you to see this, I’m so sorry, I–


4: Much to Blake’s shock, the deer looks excited.

Anette: Your roommate is the cutest!!

Blake: wat.


Hover text: Good god I’m surrounded.