1: Blake and Wilson sit facing each other at the kitchen table.

Wilson: Dan won’t be here for long. He needs to get over this thing, make it something he can control, so he can enjoy it or forget it.

Blake: I guess I sort of get that, sure.

But what about you?
Wilson: What about me?


2: Blake stars forward calmly, purple cup in hand.

Blake: You’ve been taking care of this messed up dog for a little while, are you okay?


3: Wilson looks to the left, blushing very slightly.

Wilson: Oh, I mean, I’m fine. It’s just a little… I’m a bit tired I guess.

I mean, helping Dan works best if I take a real leadership role here, ya know? And I’m really not used to being… in charge. Like, kinda prefer the opposite.

Not that I crave someone else being in charge, I mean, I do, I just…

Hard to feel, uh, little when you’re busy taking care of someone else, right?

And I don’t really have any good daddys in the area, so…


4: Wilson, eyes shut and blushing, yells.



5: Blake looks away and smirks into his cup.

Blake: Just asked how you are, dude…


Hover text: everyone’s happy and mentally stable!!1!