1: Dan and Wilson play a spaceship shooter game on the TV.


2: As Wilson squints at the TV, a small, devil version of himself appears over his shoulder.

Devil: It’d be SO easy, wouldn’t it? Just the right trigger words and gentle talk and you can have him wetting himself like a baby.


3: Wilson considers this as an angelic version of himself appears over his other shoulder.

Angel: Don’t you dare! Dan trusts you and feels safe around you, you should never betray that!


4: We see a fantasy of Dan tied up in bondage, sporting a tented diaper.

Devil: Think of how FUN it could be. All the pretty pictures you could take, all the ideas you could plant!


5: A vision of Dan happily panting on all fours.

Angel: So you should plantsnice, SAFE ideas of keeping Dan happy and calm, like the good baby puppy he is!

Wilson: How is THAT any better?!


Hover text: This page was fun because I think I had never had the chance to do the shoulder-devil gag before.