1: Blake rests on a couch, dressed, arm resting on his forehead.

Caption: We got out of Jesse’s apartment just fine.


2: Jesse, looking dazed and stupid in a hospital gown, sits sucking his thumb.

Caption: Jesse was left in that chair a long time… his brain was basically fried. If they ever get his mind patched together, they’ll have to charge him with kidnapping and… a few crimes I’m not sure I know the word for.


3: Blake, still on the couch, tugs open his pants for a peek at the diaper beneath.

Caption: I was recommended a psychologist to help work my way out of whatever Jesse did to me.

I haven’t… fully recovered, but after a week staying in Anette’s apartment, I feel fine.


5: Perched upon a table is the grinning shadow of a rabbit.

Caption: Mostly fine, anyways.


Hover text: not haunted or traumatized at all, I swear