1: Jesse is sitting on the lap of the helpless Blake, now only in a diaper.

Jesse: Now, don’t you feel silly not trying all this before? See how good it can feel?

How pleasurable it can be to have that thick, soft thing between your legs?


2: Jesse’s diapered butt grinds on the cat’s bulge.


3: Back view of their diapers pressing close.

Jesse: See how great it feels to have that soft padding grinding that nice pretty cock of yours?


4: Jesse is leaning in to whisper into Blake’s ear. Blake is looking flustered.

Jesse: I bet I could make you cum in your diapers, Blakey… What would that mean?

What’s it mean when someone can orgasm in thick soft baby diapers?

Means you must really like them, deep down… Mhmm, I bet if I can get you to cum, you’ll cave in and be a big sissy diaper lover…


Hover text: flawless logic from someone who definitely is not a psychopath