1: Blake is in his office with the lights off, talking on his cellphone.

Blake: Jesse??
Jesse: Aw, you remember me. How sweet.

Blake: How’d you get these pictures?

Jesse: That’s not really the issue here. The issue is who else is gonna get them

Imagine how much fuss there’d be if your stuck up co-workers there knew what a little perverted devil you could be and how bad you are with privacy! You’re gonna write down an address and you’re gonna meet me there, tonight at 19:30. when you don’t do as I say.

2: Profile shot of Blake as he listens.

3: Jesse, lounging in his house on the phone.

Jesse: See you there, or everyone’s gonna see what you’ve been up to…

4: Transitional shot of a hotel with a caption of the time.

5: In the hotel room, Jesse sits on the bed, legs kicking, a package of diapers next to him. 

Caption: I’ll be waiting, Blakey…


Hover text: hey babyfurs like serious blackmail dramas right