1: Wilson at the table, Blake is smiling in the foreground as he cooks.

Blake: Jesse? The rabbit?

Wilson: Yup!

Blake: A neurologist?

Wilson: Uh huh!

Blake: You weirdo perverts are hidden all over society, huh.


2: A shot of Wilson, smirking.

Wilson: I seem to remember a certain someone being a perverted weirdo last night…

Blake: Uh… about all that…


3: Scramble eggs in a pan.

Wilson: You don’t even have to say it. You were drunk, it happens. I won’t mention anything to anyone.


4: Blake is looking over his shoulder. 

Blake: I really appreciate that.

Wilson: I do kinda feel.. guilty. I guess I’m sorry if I, like… took advantage of you, or…

Blake: Nah. Don’t worry about it. We’ll just forget it ever happened.


5: Blake’ sshoulders bunch up.

Wilson: Heh… Hard to forget with all these pictures I took…

Blake: hrk!


Hover text: will be hard to forget that night once i blow these babies up as 3 foot wide canvas prints