1: Blake is standing and backing up, backed into a corner. He’s in only his diaper at this point.

Blake: Stay back, I’m warning you! I-I was just curious, that’s all!


2: Wilson is prowling towards him, hands out.

Wilson: Someone needs a chaaaange!


3: Closer on Blake, still backing up.

Blake: I mean it, just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean you can–


4: Blake suddenly looks a lot happier.

Blake: a-ahaaaahh…


5: Slumped to the ground, Blake is helpless as Wilson scratches his tummy.

Wilson: Aren’t you so cuuuuuute.

Blake: Shut uuuuuup.

Wilson: Cute lil diaper kittyyyyy.

Blake: I’ll murder yooouuuu.


Hover text: I am a fearsome predatooorrrr