1: Milk is being poured into a bowl of cereal.
Blake: Wilson and I are friends, nothing more.
I only like girls, by the way, no matter what the saucy tabloids may tell you.

2: Eli smirks.
Eli: So he’s all mine, you say…
Blake: Yes, but also, no?

3: Blake looks up to look at Eli, brows furrowed in worry.
Blake: There’s nothing for you to get between, but I still just… want him taken care of. He cares for you a lot.
Eli: I would never hurt him. I promise, Blake.
Blake: I think he loves you, even if he won’t say it.

4: Eli smiles softly.
Eli: I love him too.

5: Blake tilts his head, smiling.
Blake: Then you’d better act like it.

Hover text: Don’t put words in my mouth, Eli. In fact, stay away from my mouth entirely, I saw page 88.