1: Outside the apartment now, Blake looks down as he shuts the door behind him. Anette watches his grief with a smile.

Blake: Well, that was the most awkward night of my life. I’m sorry things went that way.


2: Blake, looking down.

Blake: Sorry if I seemed grumpy, I mean you seemed to get along just fine with Wilson so obviously you weren’t bothered, but I just really wanted this night to go well, and–


3: Anette leans in to kiss him, much to his surprise.


4: Anette smiles at Blake.

Anette: I had a wonderful night. You’re great company, Blake, and I’d love to do this again some time soon.

Blake: Oh, well, I, uh, that’s… S-sure, that’d be great.


5: Blake scowls.

Anette: I’ll be sure you’re both all cute and padded up next time, though!


Hover text: Nothing’s ever simple.